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Cloth Nappy Help from the Nappy Lady's Nappy Fairy's

Everywhere I go I find mums who want to help other mums use cloth nappies.  This is often because when they first started they were so confused and didn't know where to start.  In fact some of them have set up coffee groups in their area to meet other mums with a similar interest.

I can't be everywhere all the time and as the workshops get busier and busier, so I needed to find some volunteer helpers which I have called my nappy fairy's.

Just like me, the mums listed below do not sell cloth nappies.  They have been to at least one of my workshops and have lots of experience using cloth nappies so they can offer you some advice around any issues you may have without any bias towards nappy brands. 

They have provided me their name and phone number which is listed below and are happy for you to give them a call if you want a bit of advice from a mum close to you.  You may even spot someone you already know.

Also join us on Facebook if you have tricky questions as all of the mums on my page are fantastic and keen to help anyone out!

Happy Nappying

The Nappy Lady and the Nappy Fairy's
Nappy Fairy