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Kate runs a variety of workshops nationwide where attendees get free goodies bags!

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Learn how to make small steps in your life that make a huge difference...

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Waste Free and Food Lovers Workshops

Get your hands on some cool modern waste free products. At the workshops you will learn lots and get inspired..Plus you get free samples to get started!!

Everything you need to know about cloth

Not sure on which nappy is for you, or what the difference is between the different types. Want information on nappy care and cleaning. Find it here...

Make the world a greener place

Start at your home... Reusable baby products, reusable products for yourself and your home, recycling, composting, etc. You will find it all here.

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Waste Free Workshops

Waste Free Parenting: We talk waste and why we need to change our behavior toward it.  What you do and don't need when having a baby, dealing with household waste and food waste, re-usable alternatives, re-usable products for mum and making up-cycled nappies plus lots more.

Food Lovers Master Classes:  All about reducing food waste and load of fun and funky tips about how to store food, cool use it up tips and what you can and can't freeze. This workshop is for any household.

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Lets leave a waste free world for our children and grandchildren.

I have created this website to help support you in becoming more waste free at home with your family.
Often we believe we need to change everything to make a difference, in the long term this is true but in the short term it seems too hard. What we forget is that if we all just make a small seemingly insignificant change every day the results will be hugely significant. It is the old saying...Take care of the penny's and the pounds will look after themselves....

Making decisions as a parent can be difficult

I know it can be very confusing and quite a time consuming decision making decisions when you are having your first baby because there are so many options available, but hopefully after reading through my website guides you will be able to confidently make the right decision or come along to a workshop and get educated.

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5000 families attend my workshops around New Zealand every year - Here is what some of them have to say...
'Kate's message is simple and effective - I love her workshops!!' - Shona
'Really enjoyed the work shop, I hope we all make at least 1 change each, went through super market and didn't use any bags in the produce area. The journey begins.' - from Kirsty
'Loads of great real life info that you can use around the home. Can't recommend this enough. Everyone should know this stuff!' - Jo
'I wish everybody could go and see this, whether you have kids or not, so so so worth checking out!' - Amy
8% - 19% of council domestic waste is made up of disposable nappies
Because many of the council waste audits here in NZ show that between 8% - 19% of their domestic waste is disposable nappies, the second hour of the workshop focuses on cloth nappies, how to wash them efficiently, washing with water restrictions and how to choose which nappies will suit your baby best.
Save around $4000 per child just by using cloth nappies!      
Did you know that if every parent in NZ used just 1 cloth nappy on their baby per day we could prevent 1 Million nappies from going to landfill per week? (*Source Zero waste) They are also far better for your pocket. It is possible to save around $4000 per child just by using cloth nappies!
Waste Free Parenting Week.
The Nappy Lady and a team of passionate mums also run Waste Free Parenting Week every year which is a highly anticipated annual week long event. For more information click here.

Make our world a better place
for your children!

More Information

What is in a workshop nappy pack?

Due to my sponsorship and work with councils the packs that are given out at workshops do change between each event and also between each city/town. I work with lots of different brands and the combination of products change in each pack. To view a sample of the packs please click the link below

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Watch video reviews

Kate Meads is known as a trusted source of information for brands... she does not sell any of them, so the information provided is unbiased and accurate as she see's it. If you were wondering about a particular product, watch the videos....

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What is at the workshops?

During my worskshops you will get lots of exciting and inspirational education around ways you can minimize waste at home especially with a family in the home.  I try to make them fun and entertaining for all.  My latest Food Lovers Master Class has been a huge hit and is relevant to every household!

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